We are proud that  so called “Sava City” - the building of  the Sava Business Centre, where OfficeMe is located, received LEED Gold certificate.  Thus we guarantee to our tenants the latest standards in terms of work and occupancy of the business space.  A business person spends a lot of time at work and the work environment greatly affects his efficiency.  That’s why it is important to emphasize that LEED certified buildings also ensure  high indoor environment quality, especially air quality, which has effects on  the health of the building users.

This certificate is awarded by USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council), a non-profit organisation with the seat in Washington.

As for the building, it means that the highest standards were applied to sustainable construction,  from the aspect of energy consumption and use of natural resources, and the standards include the efficient use of water and energy, air pollution, materials and resources used in the building construction, indoor environmental quality, location and transportation, social responsibility,  and profit.

Buildings are assessed by awarding credits (points) and a building can be awarded  an ordinary, silver, gold,  or platinum certificate.

Thus LEED certification introduces the order in construction and makes direction towards appropriate design, environmental protection,  and energy saving.

For better understanding of those who are not in construction business, we can say that LEED certificate for a building means the same as a label on a food product: important information about product ingredients and quality. One of the best known buildings in the United State of America that has LEED Gold certificate is the Empire State Building.