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Belgrade Office Park

Đorđa Stanojevića 12, 11070 Beograd

BENEFITS of Belgrade Office Park LOCATION

The Instant office & Coworking space OfficeMe within the Belgrade Office Park is located on the ground floor of the building. Modern design and fully equipped space will adequately meet the requirements of the most demanding users. Open and closed business space, smaller and larger halls, the space divisible into blocks, with additional contents, meet all the needs of users and offer comfort and privacy in both offices and the open space. Adaptable and adjustable to various needs, this high quality space can be yours for a month or for a longer period of time.

Within this space you can hold a conference in one of the halls, hold a private or business conversation in a phonebooth, use a state-of-the-art printer, make a lunch break in a kitchen equipped in a modern manner with a cup of coffee for free. There is a special advantage of this space for parents, since there is a preschool with the capacity for over 150 children within the building. While you are working, your child can be near you and you can easily adjust your duties to your child’s rhythm.

OPENSPACE - capacity of 76 seats


capacity of 76 seats

OFFICES - capacity 2-8 seats


capacity 2-8 seats

PRINTERS - Network Printer


Network Printer

PHONE BOOTH - capacity 3


capacity 3

More information about  <span>THE SPACE </span>

More information about THE SPACE

On the surface area there are 76 positions in the open space, 39 offices  and 5 conference halls are available.  Separate offices are for two, three, four, or six occupants, depending on your needs.  Each user can use a conference room for a period of 30 minutes with prior reservation. The space is divided into Block A, Block B, Block CBlock E, see more details about each block.

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The Location <span>Advantages</span>

The Location Advantages

The Instant office & Coworking space, offices are located in the business building of BOP Belgrade Office Park. The close vicinity of the Airport City Beograd and Delta City shopping centre. Excellent accessibility by public transport and the connection with the new boulevard and the Ada Bridge allow an easy trip to and from the location regardless of the rush hour in the city.



Property/facility management in the building; forget bag carrying. A restaurant/cafeteria with the capacity for 150 persons with food ordering option. A possibility to rent an outdoor or garage parking space as well as car wash in the garage. A preschool/playschool in the building with the capacity for over 150 children. Groups for children from six-month old babies to preschool children.

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We can offer offices for 2, 3, 4, and 6 persons, as well as a large number of work positions in the Open Space. All offices in phases A and B are located on the ground floor, they are well lit and spacious. For our tenants we have provided parking spaces. Provide a comfortable business environment for yourself and your employees, and let OfficeMe team take care about the infrastructure. 


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