The current projects include A Block, Wellport, Green Avenue, Lidl Vrbas, Lidl Sremska Mitrovica, and they also worked on more than 15 buildings of the discount supermarket chain Lidl,  Lidl Administrative Building in Pazova, IT Park in Inđija, Vizartis printing houses, West 65 Complex, the reconstruction of the Clinical Centre of Niš, the reconstruction of municipal clinics and clinical centres in Serbia, the construction of “Ingrap Centre" complex in Valjevo,   the Foundry in Mionica, material delivery for Yura 1 Project in Niš, a large number of residential and commercial buildings for domestic and foreign investors, and on overpasses  Kać interchange, Arilje interchange, Vodanj interchange on  Belgrade-Niš motorway.

Can you tell us what your specific area of expertise is?

Roofs are perhaps our specific area of expertise, the biggest challenge, the area in which  we are “at home“, if I may say so.  Green, flat, inverted (protected membrane roofing),  sloped (pitched), layered roofs.  The company was established in 2007. I have worked in the company since I was 18,  as a student, and since July 2018, when I received my Master’s degree in Architecture,  I have worked here on a permanent basis.  We have been certified by the leading manufacturers of waterproofing systems and thermal insulation - Sika, Bauder, Mapei, Villas, Firestone, Siplast... We have an excellent cooperation with these companies, and that cooperating is expanding to our mutual satisfaction and to the satisfaction of end users of the finished buildings and facilities.  The large buildings that are currently under construction include A Block and Wellport, just here in the neighbourhood,  Green Avenue, Lidl Vrbas, Lidl Sremska Mitrovica,  and there are around 15 Lidl retail supermarkets that we finished in the last two-three years all around Serbia, not only in Belgrade.  And last but not least, residential-commercial buildings for our regular investors, such as Ingrap, Del, BG Invest, Finvest, Jadran, Beoprojekt Inženjering, and many others.  

Since when has the company been in this space?

We have been here since April 2017.  We chose OfficeMe because of its location, since it is in the business area of Novi Beograd,  then for good connections with the motorway, high quality traffic infrastructure,  and the vicinity of the headquarters of the companies we often cooperate.  Accessibility is good, which is important to us, as well as the visual appearance of the space and the concept itself. The ratio of closed offices and the open space is excellent.  Here you can find everything you need for a company: conference rooms, conference halls,  rest areas, the kitchen. Maybe my perception of this space is subjective, since I designed some buildings of similar purposes during my studies, but I really like the solutions and the concept of the entire space.  Smaller offices for small-size companies, bigger offices for bigger companies, and the division into blocks and contents that offer everything you need.  We are a medium-sized company with total 20 employees, and the technical division of the company is in OfficeMe. I am pleasantly surprised how even the open space area offers privacy, and we  have personal experience from  both types of space.

Do you socialise with other colleagues?

Yes, we do.  The little kitchen is just across our office.  When we go there, for example, to have a glass of water, we always come across somebody, so in a short period of time I have met a lot of people. We talk, say hello, and I like it very much.  Although we are in separate offices, it’s nice that we meet and know one another. The kitchen is full during lunch time, the atmosphere is very cosy,  all people talk and share food, it’s joyful and nice.

If you recommended OfficeMe, to whom would you recommend it?

I would recommend it to young people, and there are already a lot of them.  There are many IT companies.  I’d say that this place is perfect for them. At the same time the atmosphere is professional, strict, but also relaxing, nice, and everybody can find something suitable.

If you compared it with other companies, how would you describe the interconnectedness of people in this coworking space?

Although it’s more relaxed here, the atmosphere is professional, and even though we all work, we can socialise with people from other different companies.  We often talk and exchange experiences with one gentleman who is an economist by profession, but whose hobby is construction.

Are you content with the environment as well, especially from the point of view of an architect?

Yes, when choosing the space  we liked most that everything related to our business is in the vicinity, it is spacious, the neighbourhood is nice and peaceful, there is a lot of greenery, it is  nicely decorated. And the surrounding area is nicely maintained and everything is clean outdoors as well as indoors.  There is a kindergarten behind the building, and I believe that the employees who have children use it.  There are also benches in the garden, where many people sit during  summer.  Also, the employees who run and maintain the space are very kind and maximally professional.

„ “
Zorana Delić, Tim Sistem Plus

Accessibility is good, which is important to us, as well as the visual appearance of the space and the concept itself. The ratio of closed offices and the open space is excellent.