Panel discussion with fantastic School of Skills

In the OfficeMe coworking space, a panel discussion was held on a very interesting topic "What is Success, How to Define It and Get It?"

Panel discussion was designed and managed by Peđa and Miljana, founders of the School of Skills, the phenomenal skills school for personal and business development based in Novi Sad, which successfully deals with the development of specific skills of individuals and groups, combining scientific methods and techniques, some of the most proven psychological disciplines, as well as of course NLP and OLI, whose results and effects do not need to be much talked about, because the examples speak for themselves.

Our coworkers especially liked this topic that we chose together with School of Skills and led them to think about what really matters. Since most of the coworkers who participated in the panel did not tie up their success to material things, which was especially special to us, because it sometimes seems to us that we all live in a world where money is the only real value. We think that we can fully say that what you reflect, you attract, so that we have attracted people in our environment who value the same things as we do, and consider ourselves to be successful, if they first find joy and happiness in every new day, aware that success is the path of happiness, not the ultimate destination to which we arrive.

Our tenants really enjoyed the panel, led by these charismatic, positive, and above all qualified people who know perfectly what they are doing and how to instruct you to achieve your personal maximum and success, just in the form you want because success is for each of us is, an individual matter.