Your company chose OfficeMe space immediately after its establishment. Why?

We rented this space upon recommendation of a friend, i.e. a business associate.  I have been here for the last four months, because my mother established the company while I was still at college in Austria.  Her old colleagues recommended not only this space, but also Branko (who is the owner of OfficeMe) as the right person for cooperation.  We are pleased and, of course, we will stay here. OfficeMe offers an opportunity to carry out your activity properly, a possibility to expand your business, and be connected with different companies as well.  We can communicate with one another and we don’t see the others as competitors, even if we are in the same business.  The coworking space makes us close together, enables cooperation, and even socialising.

Do you socialise with your “colleagues”, as you perceive them?

We do socialise. There are really a lot of wonderful people, I am honoured to share the space with them. I am probably one of the youngest here, but I think that I have fitted in.  They motivate me, they are hard-working, they make great efforts, I watch them work,  and they give me hope that I could also accomplish something.  The working atmosphere is in the air and that’s good.

Do you have morning rituals: having coffee together or  having lunch later?

Sometimes I come to my office later.  I can allow myself to come later owing to the fact that I am the manager’s son - it’s real nepotism (laughs). All kidding aside, OfficeMe allows that there are no working hours as a concept.  You organise your business plan, the time when you come or leave, and the people from the team are always there to take care of things that would be  burdensome  and waste of time for you as a company or entrepreneur.  I have a coffee alone, but I say hello to everyone, we have a chat.  We are all more productive in the morning, so we try to finish  as much as possible in the morning hours, and then we engage in conversations and jokes in the afternoon.  I like to bring my lunch from home, but here we have fantastic conditions, we can heat up our meals, order food, everything is available.  You can make a coffee and there is a fridge too.  I seldom come to work by car, so I don’t have a reserved parking space, but parking is  available too. I tend to use public transportation. I think that everybody should use public transportation more or that we should develop “car sharing” or “car pooling“ system, thus  traffics jams would be reduced (one car covers 12 m2), and less fuel would be consumed, all with respect to the environmental protection.

Do people socialise, do they cooperate?

As I have noticed, when they celebrate birthday, they bring cakes, everybody gets a piece, regardless of whether they hang out or not, but they know one another.

How do you like 24/7 access to the offices?

It is perfect, I often come here on weekends, depending on my work.  Sometimes I finish my work for the company and sometimes I work on my freelance projects.  It means a lot to me that I can come here wherever I need and that somebody from the team is always here to provide technical support.

How does it look like to come to work at weekends? Do other colleagues come too?

The atmosphere at weekends is more relaxed, because we can listen to the music, there are no many people and we do not disturb anyone. And that’s awesome, especially because the same people come, you know who comes and when they come.  

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Ilija Vuksanović

There are really a lot of wonderful people, I am honoured to share the space with them.