All inclusive Office

For the past few years, coworking spaces become more and more popular. That’s happaen for a reason.

People that decide to work in this kind of space, often does not working at the same company.Those are people that prefer to work individually and independent, but also to share values with others and socialize, and potentially find a way of cooperating with other coworkers.

Coworking has everything you need - you are isolated, but you dont have distractions that you have at home.

When you choose your coworking space, you should pay attention on these detalis:

Location- very important thing. Also you should check what is near the object and if it’s easy to come there.
Availabillity-  it’s actually what makes separates this space from the others, and includes working hours, security, lot of working spaces, conference and conference rooms.
Services- represents all the other things that you need: restaurant, kindergarten and parking spaces.

In business building Belgrade Office Park located on New Belgrade, there is one space that meets the requirements. Space ghaters entrepreuners, freelancers, organizations and companies that needs inovative space without any obligation about thaking care of it.
With concrete and simple offer, OfficeMe gives you chance to take your position in this space, whether you need it for a day or everyday, just for you or for your whole team.