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OfficeMe is fully equipped, urban Coworking & Instant Office space. It is situated in a representative building and at first sight it leaves an impression on your clients/investors that the entire building is yours. The proximity of hotels and parking lots allows you to provide your clients with comfortable accommodation and complete professional and business work station within a short period of time. Serious and flexible at the same time, OfficeMe is an ideal space for your business, especially in the situations when you need rapid expansion of your business capacities without additional investments.

You can just come in, sit at your computers  and start working. It is our job to make all infrastructure-related needs and problems invisible to you and your clients. Adaptable and adjustable to your needs, this high quality space can be yours for a month or for a longer period of time. The key of comfort is a possibility to work 24/7,  since OfficeMe is open around the clock, whenever you need support, a virtual office, or conference rooms.

NON STOP ACCESS <span>24/7 </span>


The card access to the OfficeMe space enables every tenant to use and access the non-stop space 24/7. This gives you the opportunity to adapt to each time zone, business mode and work in each coworking community.

24h physical security and video surveillance, so that you and your equipment are safe at all times.

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<span>Coworking</span> Business Environment

Coworking Business Environment

OfficeMe Coworking & Instant Office space is located in three locations, Sava Business Centar,  Belgrade Office Park 

There are over 76 positions in the open space, 60 offices, and 6 conference room available.  Separate offices are for two, three, four, six, or eight occupants, depending on your needs.  We also offer an individual, separate space for medium size companies, consisting of one separate office for two persons and the Open Space for 25 persons.


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