Do you want to spend a relaxing day on a boat anchored on the opposite bank from Kalemegdan and  work at the same time just like you are in your office?

Is it a boat or a working space? How is it possible? It is possible! It is  OfficeMe coworking Boat =  BoatMe

OfficeMe Coworking Boat / BoatMe  is a space made to enable managers to move their employees out of their office daily routine or to invite business partners for a socialising event for a whole day.

We are happy to announce the opening of OfficeMe Coworking Boat space, on Thursday 22nd August. Come for a promo day and check for yourself. Treat yourself to working out of your office.

The new working space BoatMe will be promotionally open for you, so you can come and try  for free how it feels  to work “on a boat”, with all the amenities of a modernly equipped working space.

OfficeMe takes care of its clients and it constantly expands its capacities in order to provide a large number of different solutions.

Raise the level of positive vibrations and spend a day on the confluence of two rivers, surrounded by greenery, with a view of Kalemegdan.

The space can be rented for a day, for work in the morning, for relaxing of your employees in the afternoon, and for an after hour party with friends and family.

Here are some ideas how to start your workday:

  • I'm working from boat today! #BoatMe #OfficeMe #Coworking
  • Is it a Coworking space? Is it a boat? It's Co-Boat! #BoatMe #OfficeMe #Coworking
  • Private boat and Office, I'm in #BoatMe